HHT >Applications
Medical: Aiding in understanding biomedical and physiological phenomena and using the information gained to improve diagnoses and treatment
Drug design
Tissue engineering

Acoustics, noise, and vibration: Assisting with the analysis or understanding of sounds and vibrations
Highway noise, tire-pavement interaction noise
Submarine design
Machine vibration analysis
Speech/sound analysis
Speaker/sound recognition

Environmental: Connecting environmental changes to phenomena
Coastal engineering and dynamics
Underwater electromagnetics
Earthquake engineering
Land and water topography
Water and wind dynamics
Sonar, radar, lidar

Industrial: Maintaining optimum system functioning by recognizing problem conditions
Machine monitoring and failure prediction
Electrical circuit analysis
Heat conduction and convection analysis
Nondestructive testing

Structures/ Civil Engineering: Simulating and evaluating the performance and safety of engineering systems under uncertainty
Structural health monitoring
Damage detection in buildings or structures
Highway/bridge engineering
Nondestructive evaluation
Shock loading analysis/simulation

Fluid Dynamics: Assisting with analysis and simulation of nonstationary fluid flow
Numerical simulation of fluid flow
Turbulent flow analysis
Examination of nonstationary flows, vortex shedding, and wake flows
Coherent structures analysis

Business/Finance: Providing new insight into economic and market data
Economic data analysis
Market data and trend analysis
Nonstationary financial time series analysis

US Government Agencies:
NASA, HHT has aided aircraft design, testing of the tiles that insulate the Space Shuttle, and the search for planets and black holes.
Federal investigative organizations are working to incorporate HHT into systems to analyze speech patterns and identify individuals in recordings in forensic examinations.
The Navy is using HHT in its research to improve submarine design and to more easily identify and locate different types of submarines.
The Federal Highway Administration used HHT in highway design and engineering studies.
Researchers at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center are using HHT to understand biomedical and physiological phenomena, enabling a better understanding of avian flu, Dengue Fever, strokes, and sleep apnea.
HHT is helping improve signal reception capability in radio frequency (RF) communication devices, such as RFID chips and cell phone communication systems.

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