Data Analysis Service
Our team is cross-disciplinary and include individuals with a range of expertise in physics, applied mathematics, bioengineering, physiology, clinical medicine, data analysis, and commercial software development. Specialized in non-linear and nonstationary signal analysis, such as physiological signals and vibration signals, we offer professional development services for your signal analysis and data acquisition needs.

HHT-based Application Development Service
With HHT technology, we can get physical characteristics of the complex system from their nonlinear/nonstationary signals. We offer HHT-based data analysis and application development service to help you develop the application to solve the problem in the real world.

DataDemon OEM
DataDemon is a powerful scientific computational platform. It has a complete set of features and modules. And if you’d like to develop your own special modules of DataDemon, we can help you to get the project done. If you have any questions and comments, please let us know

The medical product of DynaDx Corp. has obtained FDA 510(k) approval.

DynaDx has filed 5 patents related to physiological signal analysis and disease prevention.
If you have any questions and comments, please let us know.

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